Tuesday, 25 October 2016

"Doing the exorcism"

For tonight's countdown to Halloween post, a silly anecdote regarding my life as a new dad. Everybody here knows The Exorcist and if you have not seen it you heard of it at least. It is not my favourite horror movie, not even my favourite William Friedkin movie. (I will let you guess which one it is. One clue: I have blogged about it a few times before.) Nevertheless, it is a solid, entertaining, more importantly intelligent horror film, even though it sometimes feels like Catholic propaganda. But anyway, most people remember the gross scenes in it, including of course the vomiting. So when I have to make little Wolfie belch, as he does burps a lot of milk, I call it "doing the exorcism". So that's it. There is nothing else to it. And I know it is not as dramatic as having his child possessed by the Devil, but when he throws up milk, it sure feels like an exorcism. And just for kick and because Halloween is coming, I thought I would add the theme music of the movie.

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