Friday 28 October 2016

First pumpkin carving party

As I mentioned two weeks ago, we had invited the Ticklers tonight to carve some Jack O'Lanterns. You see here the results of our first pumpkin carving party. From left to right, Jack and Lucifer the cat. Blonde Tickler wanted to carve a cat and Brunette Tickler wanted a more classical carving, so in the end this is what they got. It was a lovely evening, I told them my take on the story of Jack O'Lantern (you can read it here and here), which they loved, they spent time marveling at how cute my son was and when I offered them to take back the Jack O'Lanterns with them they said no, they wanted us and little Wolfie to keep them. So we will have them for trick or treat on Halloween. So this was the first of I hope many pumpkin carving parties.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a fun party! Love the pumpkins!! Happy Halloween!