Saturday 1 October 2016

Countdown to Halloween

We are the first day of October today, for those who did not notice and this means one thing: the countdown to Halloween is officially started! Of course for me the officous countdown had already started a while ago, timidly around mid-August when I started reading horror stories, then in September when I started reading more, and now... Well, now the season of the witch is in full force. So I will blog a lot about Halloween, as it is my favourite holiday of the year. To kick start the countdown, I have uploaded a (bad) picture of a decoration the Ticklers gave us as house warming gift when we moved in here. They love Halloween as much as I do and know my tastes very well, as you can see. It will be a very special Halloween this year, as we have our Wolfie here. He is too young to truly appreciate it, but Halloween can only be appreciated fully with children.


Magic Love Crow said...

Yes, it will be a special Halloween with Wolfie!!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Very cute decoration! Glad to hear The Ticklers are Halloween afficionados as well.