Thursday, 31 December 2015

A year of Domino

The year is about to end. In a few hours it will be 2016. My new year resolution: I will stop to start a blog post with thundering clichés and obvious statements. And for the very last post of 2015, I thought I would write about Domino and share another picture of him. This is him enjoying his first Christmas present. Yes, we are silly like this, we spoiled him rotten at Christmas, with catnip toys mainly. It has been a while since we first met him. I didn't know he would end up here. I had always wanted a cat for Christmas, this one decided that it was going to be him. It took me a while to get used to Domino and in many ways I have still to get my head around the situation: he can be a bit of a biter. I know, he doesn't look like one on this picture. I mean not a biter of anything else than a toy. And he is quite needy, always asking for food, attention, us time, or simply the place on the sofa where you happen to be sitting on. We will need to check on his weight for the upcoming year, and try not to give in to emotional blackmail (Domino is a master of emotional blackmail). Anyway, it is a work in progress, but it's nice to have a cat around here. Since this black and white feline brightened up our year, it made sense that I finished this blogging year with a post about him.


Anonymous said...

this beautiful cat Domino hit the jack pot when he found a forever home with you!!
Happy New Year!!

Ms Misantropia said...

I have to ask: What happened to this cat's original owners? Did they throw him out, did they move away, what do they think of him living with you now?

Guillaume said...

@Laurie-Thank you! Happy new year to you too!
@Ms Misantropia-I gave the answer in this blog post (I think you were out of internet connection then):