Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Krav Maga on the rise

I usually have Krav Maga training tonight, but once in a blue moon, we don't have a class this week. We will however have class for the rest of December, so I suspect that it's because it is Hanukkah at the moment. That said, I still keep in touch with my fellow warriors even when we do not have classes. And during one of our group chats, one of them pointed us to this BBC article, about the growing popularity of the Israeli martial art. Watching the video, seeing these ordinary people miles and miles away, in a far more troubled and dangerous country than where I live, learning the same form of self-defence I learn, it felt a bit surreal. And yet through the martial art, I felt a kinship with them.


Anonymous said...

tu es encore en septembre on dirait bien. C'est en souvenir de ton voyage au Québec ?

Guillaume said...

Oups! Voilà j'ai corrigé.