Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Happy Festivus!

Well, I knew it was today, but this lovely and hilarious picture from David's Tea's Facebook page reminded me: it's Festivus. So Happy Festivus everyone! David's Tea asked their customers to give their grievances, which they did. I did not say anything, but many said that the company should not delete the bonus points every new year. I didn't know that and I am glad so many people brought it up. So yes, there was an Airing of Grievances and I had a Feat of Strength of sorts: tonight was Krav Maga training. It was the last class before Christmas, so it was pretty relax, but every session is a feat of strength so I can say I did my share tonight too for the holiday. And it is fitting: Festivus became famous because of the very Jewish sitcom Seinfeld, Krav Maga is a Jewish martial art... Oh, and I thought yesterday I was catching a nasty cold (I had felt weak and shivering all night and all day) so I was afraid that I'd be too sick for training. But I was absolutely fine. So yes, it's a Festivus Miracle! So mine was very happy, how was/is yours?

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

You're right -- I completely forgot that is is Festivus today! Darn it! I had people over for dinner and served lasagna, when I SHOULD have served the traditional Festivus meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, niblets and a hideous cake for dessert.