Thursday, 24 December 2015

A D&Dr Christmas present

I was not expecting to blog about Dungeon & Dragons so early after my last post on the subject. But my youngest brother gave me an early Christmas present yesterday: he scanned our character sheets, the maps of the various kingdoms and lands we have made over the years and a number of other bits of data regarding the world we have created and he put everything into Dropbox. That might like nothing, but this is great: I am talking about almost 25 years of imagination on paper, now secure in electronic form and ready to be used. We won't have to wait until we are all in Chicoutimi in my parents' home for Christmas to play. I have to confess, I had suggested we did this before, I had asked for it for long, but feared I was being a pest (I probably was to be honest). All geeky pleasure aside, it is just a really lovely tribute to these decades. And I have decided to accompany this post with another image from D&Dr artist Daniel Horne. It's another one of my favourite, full of winter atmosphere. Yule is also, after all, a time of danger, even if it is imaginary one.

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