Tuesday 23 June 2009

My life on the bookshelves

This picture was taken by my parents. These are all the books they got back from the old flat in Montreal, books I gathered in more than twenty years. I once blogged about something vaguely similar. I can't help but feel a bit sad that I don't have all these books at my grasp. Some will have to go to charity eventually (I am not fond of all the novels I read, obviously), but I hope to get some back here. I haven't read them all, for one, and I also want to re-read many of them. Watching these shelves, one can get a pretty detailed picture of what's in my head. Not that I remember everything I read, but I gained through them some knowledge and I kept at least some of it. Although I will never claim that I am an erudite, I have certainly tried to grow into one. It also shows my interests, the ones that changed through the years and the ones I kept. Bookshelves like thess ones have something of reassuring, they are both familiar but a lot of what they have are still terra incognita, to me or to any reader who might come pass it. I might be far from it, but I am glad the books are there on display, where they should be, and not in boxes.


The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Very cool....I LOVE books! It's sort of a trip back down memory lane for you huh? If I had the space...I'd I have a whole room dedicated to being a 'library'! :o)

S said...

Salut~! Moi, j'aime les livres aussi. I'll have to say I'm a bibliophile :O) Don't worry - I don't remember everything I read either; though I really wish I did! C'est vraiment un blog interessant. I hope I'll be able to practise my French here...j'adore le francais!