Saturday, 20 June 2009

Masquerade Ball

Yesterday, in spite of being very tired because of the week I had, my wife and I went to a masquerade ball with her colleagues, where we ate too little, drank moderately but enjoyed ourselves nevertheless because we were in good company (her colleagues and their boyfriends/husbands are really nice). I wore the mask that you can see left, which she made herself. It was a really nice mask, I did not wear it very long but I did have it for longer than I would have first expected. I say this, as disguises never last long when people are wearing them at a formal evening, somehow one starts feeling ridiculous about the whole thing. There is indeed something slightly ridiculous about wearing a disguise or a costume (including in the most formal circumstances), even if it is just a simple mask. I wanted to look a bit like Fantômas yesterday, with the suit and the mask, but I did not look ferocious enough. I ended up looking like a guy with a suit and a mask.

That said, I always loved wearing masks. It has something to do with the playful nature of the thing, as I wore them so often on Halloween nights and in the month before (usually domino masks like the one I wore yesterday, so I have a nostalgic attachment to that particular kind), and on other occasions, playing either masked avengers or masked criminals. The style of a chosen mask reveals just as much about yourself as it tries to conceal your identity (poorly when it comes to a domino mask). One can discover a few things about the way my wife perceives me when she made the mask. In any case, it is a nice accessory that is too seldom used in social events.


PJ said...

Es-tu en train de me dire que les vrais bals masqués, c'est pas comme dans Eyes Wide Shut? Mautadine!

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Oh...I've always wanted to go to a masquerade ball. Maybe one day, I'll have to post a pic of me in my mask last year. It was just for ball unfortunately. Speaking of masks...I got a really cool hand painted bird/crow type mask at an antique store. I'll definitely be posting pics of it...I just love it! I keep in on display in my bedroom.

Your wife is creative! Hope you had a wonderful time. :o)