Sunday 2 March 2008

Catastrophy cakes

Some cakes I made that ended up in a poor shape. Even though they still were delicious. I thought about that since I made a cake on Friday night which was a bit too heavy. The Devil-looking one was supposed to be an Easter Bunny cake, from my grandmother's recipe. I made it last Easter. My wife lvoed it, because it was delicious and because it made her laugh so much. The first one that is falling down was a birthday cake I made for my wife's 24rd birthday. it was not holding very well. But again, it was absolutely delicious and totally indulgent. And in the end, isn't it what it's all about? I mean, sugar and chocolate and decadence.


Veggie Carrie said...

Adorable cakes!

PJ said...

Ton glaçage semble un peu trop liquide. Et il ne faut pas hésiter à couper le dessus (qui est le dessous) de l'étage du bas d'un gâteau à deux étages, pour empêcher qu'il tombe à la renverse. Mais même si c'est laid, c'est bon pareil.

/t'as pas de photo du jack-o-salmon?

Guillaume said...

Non, je n'ai pas de photo de Jack O'Salmon.

The Artful Gypsy aka Wendy the Very Good Witch said...

Ha Ha Ha...this cake is hysterical. Sorry to laugh at your culinary misfortune, but I was certain this was a Halloween cake when I first saw it. But what an even funnier find to discover it was supposed to be the Easter Bunny!

But I agree...the chocolate is the only that really matters anyway. Although you really should make one of these this October! :o)