Saturday 15 March 2008

Legendary places

Okay, I don't want to sound too whiney right now, and I know, I did my share of complaints about the town I live in in this blog. But anyway, the place is short on legendary, "wow" kind of places. Mary Shelley is supposed to have written her Frankenstein here, but I have yet to see anything commemorating it. The UK is full of history, and probably more full of myths (modern or ancient), and we kind of miss it here. I used to do a fair share of travelling here in England, especially when I was studying medieval literature, when I travelled around, saw a bit of Wales, Bath, lots of castles, etc. Things that were connected to medieval history, and when I was lucky, to the Arthurian legend. We intend to visit Brittany eventually, as you know from this entry. Cannot wait to see the Fontaine de Barenton. When we have time, I hope I can convince my wife to go to Cornwall, see Tintagel Castle. We will most lilely go back to Wales, as we have friends there. The thing will be to convince her to do some cultural tours. She always have to endure my love for real ales and old pubs.
So that's it, it's my melancholy entry.

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Frankofile said...

Looking forward to your visit, and exploring some of these places. Trehorenteuc and Paimpont might be good starting points, according to people we've spoken to.