Thursday 20 March 2008


I am watching Jesus of Nazareth at the moment, and I discovered that one of the uploaded versions on youtube practically cut all the parts where Salome was onscreen or indeed mentionned. So on that version, we see nothing of her dance and nothing of the lustful glances of Herod Antipas (brilliantly played by Christopher Plummer). In primary school, when they were showing us bits of the movies, they were always fast-forwarding these parts too. Does Herod look too much like a depraved voyeur? But that's the point. is the dance too sexual? Again, that's the whole point. I am apalled that even for religious movies, religious people apply censorship.

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PJ said...

Moi, je me rappelle que la fille qui jouait la vierge Marie était pas laide non plus. On a encore le livre sur le film à Chicout, n'est-ce pas?