Tuesday 11 March 2008

Waiting for St-Patrick's Day and Easter

Easter comes early this year, it's in two weeks-ish, but in a bit less than a week, we have St-Patrick's Day. I always loved both days, Easter for longer, since you don't need to drink to fully appreciate it, and as a child I considered it my "birthday holiday", as it was ususally set close to my birthday. The only down thing about it is that at Easter dinner/lunch/brunch, we usually had ham. And I absolutely HATE ham. It tastes disgusting. Now I usually have lamb, it is more appropriate. Jesus was the Lamb of God, and if he died for us, what's wrong with eating a nice lamb who died for us too? My very veggie wife is usually shocked by such comments. Anyway, apart from that, Easter has always been for me a few things: chocolate (and lot's of it), Jesus of Nazareth (script by Anthony Burgess)that usually shows on tv during that time (if not then I usually rent it) and religious music.

Saint-Patrick's Day, I started enjoying it at an adult age, when I discovered Guinness and I developed a love for everything Irish. Anthony Burgess is of Irish descent, see, and so are almost all Quebeckers. I have a natural love for the country and its people: Catholic, republicans (in the right sense), they managed to get rid of the British rulers and while they have a small population (more or less equivalent of Quebec's), their culture is recognized and admired through the world. I usually celebrate St-Patrick's Day by drinking a Guinness or two and by listening to Irish music. I made an Irish Stew two years ago, the result wasn't very convincing. Last year in Liverpool, St-Patrick's Day was just great. It is so big there, thanks to the Irish community.

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