Tuesday 14 January 2014

The detox range of David's Tea

I blogged at the beginning of the month about my use of tea for detox. I mentioned again David's Tea, THE discovery I made during my last trip to Montreal. Well, I discovered that they have a whole collection of detox teas. Well, they are not all strictly speaking teas, some are herbal infusions (not my cup... of tea) and some are rooibos, but they are hot beverages for detox and some look delicious. I intend to stock myself with them during my next trip to Montreal. I cannot believe it, but it seems that I am turning into a tea snob. Then there is another reason for me to want to purchase them: I need something that will cure me from future hangover. So this is my next objective: find the perfect detox tea. 


Gwen Buchanan said...

A method to your madness!!
But really teas are about the only thing that doesn't have a mutitude of chemicals and preservatives or fructose-glucose.
I love teas....but I don't rule out coffee.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i am not much of a tea drinker but i wish i was. i always look at them and think how i would like to drink them but when i do, i just don't like them much.

Cynthia said...

J'ai bien l'infusion digestive qui fait passer les gros repas bien arrosés.