Monday 6 January 2014

First Monday of January (and the Epiphany)

Did you notice that today was the Epiphany? I bet you didn't, just like me in fact. This morning I thought: "This is the first Monday of January and there is a full week of work ahead of me." And this is what I thought I would be blogging about. But officially, this is the last day of Christmastime. Funny to think that, as I usually get into a post-Christmas blues before January. For me, the Epiphany means something else entirely. And today, I didn't even notice the day. It was a cold and wet Monday, as grey as a Monday can be, looking as post-Christmas as a January Monday could be.


Anonymous said...

it never dawned on me!!!!thanks for the reminder,

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, it's Epiphany under our modern Gregorian calendar but Christmas Eve under the old Julian calendar.

Cynthia said...

On va nous gaver de galettes des rois encore une fois pour l'épiphanie ... cette année je jure de ne pas en manger un seul morceau!