Sunday 19 January 2014

A crime novel set in Montreal

The treasures one can find in seond-hand bookshops. Even new novels, it seems. I am on holidays in Montreal, and this morning I went around on the avenue Mont-Royal.My first stop was in the nearest second-hand bookshop I could find. They seem to have flourished since the time when I was living here, there are many more anyway. And I saw in the English section Miss Montreal by Howard Shrier. I think I had read about it before, from the Thrilling Detective website entry on Jonah Geller, the main character. I bought the book immediately. Montreal is maybe the most underrepresented and underrated city in crime fiction, yet the ideal setting for it (read here for my views on this). So I am so glad I find one where this city, my city, is featured proheminently.


jaz@octoberfarm said...

have a winderful time in montreal? do you have snow? make sure to get some of those wonderful bagels!

Guillaume said...

Yes, there is snow, and cold. I will, as soon as they open after their renovations.