Tuesday 17 February 2009

Back from Nostalgia Land

We got back home yesterday from our trip to the North of England. We spent most of our time in the middle of nowhere, between beloved Liverpool and revered Manchester. We partied on Friday, although tired from a long journey, we saw old friends from old times, we spent Saturday getting our energy back and on Sunday, my wife and I went to Liverpool So I got my odyssey and even my sort of return to Ithaca. Well, as far as Liverpool is my Ithaca.

It is always a strange feeling to go back to a place that means a lot to you but that you have not seen in a while. One has to look for recognisable elements in an environment that time has changed. The Liverpool Lime Street Station is still in repair/refurbishing/reconstruction and still ugly. That said, I always loved it, in spite (or because of) its ugliness. There is now a gigantic shopping center that I discovered with pleasure, as it has a proportionally gigantic Waterstone's. I was in heaven. Just hearing the Scouser accent and walking around familiar places (all those stairs and slopes) gave me goosebumps. It was nice drinking a Cains too, even though I didn't drink much (surprisingly, given the place and circumstances). It saddened me a bit that I was now a tourist among many others. That said, I never was a local. I did not visit the campus where I used to work, I think it would have made me too emotional.

In the end, I didn't do much and did not stay long enough, but I loved every passing moment of this visit.

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