Tuesday, 6 January 2009


It is the Epiphany today, officially the last day of the Christmas season. I have mentioned another sort of epiphany in the past, it is a concept that fascinates me. I once lived an epiphany, ironically it moved me away from Faith, God and Christ, probably forever. This is a more prosaic post. So it is officially the last day of Christmastide, but I wonder if anybody bother to celebrate it nowadays. The 1st of January is, at least in Québec, the new officious last day of Christmas, and it is usually celebrated with a hangover and/or a visit to relatives you did not see on Christmas (usually the other side of the family). As a child, we used to celebrate Les Rois, the name we gave to L'Épiphanie. A cake was made with a red bean in it, the one who would get the bean would be the king (or queen). The first time we celebrated, my grandmother made the cake, she threw about a dozen of beans, so we all became kings. Of course, school was starting back later than now, therefore January 6 was still part of the holiday.

So today is the last day of the season, almost the last day of the year if you think about it, but nobody cares anymore and it makes me a bit sad. Les Rois was a last time of celebration before return to normal life and it gave a quiet transition between the two, as it was a day not as extravagant as Christmas or New Year's Eve. There is a melancholic mood that comes with the post-Christmastide period, which some years I could do without. Back when I was a student, I had a role in a play waiting for me and it used to keep myself motivated, this year I am anxious to get a job that I cannot find. January is a boring month: it is usually cold and dark but devoid of the Christmas atmosphere, the presents you received have now lost their novelty and there is nothing to look for in the near future. well, here's to the three wise men anyway. I could do with their gifts and their wisdom right now.

Nota Bene: I already published the picture you can see on the top right, but today is the proper time to put it. Of course, as I am a lousy photographer, there is one of the Magi partially missing in the snapshot.

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Frankofile said...

We'll be sharing a galette des rois tonight, and planning with our AmisFriends group for 2009.

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