Monday, 12 January 2009

Class versus crass

Well, it appears that Daniel Craig has refused to appear on Jonathan Ross's Friday Night show. I am glad. Ross is an overpaid, talentless, juvenile hack. And, even if the Sachsgate (which my wife and Correspondent mentioned in their respective blogs) had never happened, Ross would not deserve to get stars and serious actors (or serious artists in general) on his rubbish show: Ross spends more time making toilet and genital jokes worthy of a retard five years old and talking about himself than doing any kind of proper interview. If he was once an intelligent and genuinely funny man, he is now a full time douche. His last interviews with Daniel Craig were abysmally stupid. I hope this will be followed by many stars, big and small, and that Ross will finally be left alone on his stage with his epic size ego, before getting fired as he should have been months ago.

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