Tuesday, 11 July 2017

The rowan tree as indicator

Well, after a week and a bit more of intensive heat, today has finally cooled down and we even had rain. Lots of rain. I am glad: I was getting seriously fed up with the high point of summer, which had been sickeningly summery these days. But today, while I know it is not near ending, I can feel that the season is slowly burning down. And I saw something to look out for future signs of autumn: this rowan tree by the bus stop on my way to work. Now you can see the leafs are still very green, but when they will change to their more fiery colours then it will be a clear indicator of the new season looming. So every morning I will take a good look at it.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One cut down all the rowan (mountain ash) trees in her yard because those berries are a friggin pain in the ass. Plus when the tree flowers in the spring, the blossoms smell like rotten meat and stink for a couple of week until the flowering is done. But you're right, they do have pretty leaves in the fall.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

i hate this time of year. i should embrace all seasons but this time of year just bores me beyond belief!