Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Why I still love the USA

It is Independence Day today (the day, not the movie). Usually, I wish happy Independence Day to my American friends and readers and that's it. This year, with the Swine being POTUS, I know many of them don't feel like celebrating. And those who do, if they read my blog, well, they might be blind admirers of the Swine, like sadly there are too many. I even had the honour (sort of) to receive the visit of one on this post about the Swine. This is what the troll (lynney62, let's name and shame her) said in a comment:

"Sad that you are filled with such ugliness and hatred that you can't appreciate a momentous day in America's great Republic of freedom. If you dislike the historical ceremonies of America so much...why are you living in this country? Wouldn't you be happier in some other country such as Venezuala or France?"

This was my reply: "@lynney62-I have never read on my blog, even from other trolls, a comment as stupid and ignorant as yours. For your information I don't live in the US but that is a country that I love and admire. And unlike you I would never ever confuse the country from its government or its most unsavoury citizens or leaders."

In essence, and I am writing this as a sort of commiseration for all of those who read this and despair that Trump is president, this is why I love the United States nevertheless. Because the American people is not its current president, in fact let's not forget that he lost by a wide margin the popular vote (and got there with some foreign help). I love them because of things like this. Because my favorite actress is half American from her father and she is also a beautiful human being in her own right, regardless of her amazing talent as an actress. Because in spite of its religious fundies, its vulgar, loud mouthed narcissistic reality TV stars turned politicians, despite its trolls (yes lynney62, I am referring to you), the USA has intellectuals,great writers, secular humanists, free thinkers and overall, sane people.

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jaz@octoberfarm said...

as usual, this troll's profile is not public. they never are. they are the cowards that trump bullies. it's tough to be patriotic today, thus my post.