Friday 23 April 2010

Blogging forecasts

Okay, quick blog to tell my modest readership where I am and what are the plans for this blog. So I am back in the UK, at last. I am jetlagged as expected and probably a bit lazy right now to make really interesting posts. Today was St-George's Day and I barely noticed it and I blogged about it before anyway. At the moment I might be numb, but I still have a few projects for this blog:

-Publish some photos from my last trip to Québec. Last picture I uploaded here was from nearly a month ago and this blog needs some change of colour, just like the season is changing outside and all.
-Inversely and paradoxically, blog about something else than said trip (or impromptu volcanic eruptions).
-Put a little bit more music. Like the pics, it gives colour to the blog. I am thinking about a few unexpected pieces at the moment.
-Find some new recurring themes for some posts, like I have done with my series of existential questions ("questions existentielles") which I have so far only done in French. I haven't done much on the Muses theme, so I will try to be more disciplined this time with whatever I will come up with.

Well, that's it for now.


suzanne said...

Good to hear that the ash has cleared. Looking forward to your projects.

Anonymous said...

Me too