Wednesday, 14 August 2019

You too, Placido?

This news really devastated me: tenor Placido Domingo has been accused of sexual harassment. Unlike most of the many public figures and celebrities condemned in the wake of the #metoo movement, Ialways admired Domingo. He is one of the first famous opera singers I discovered as a child. If other kids were fans of pop stars, I was a fan of Placido Domingo. At the top of his game, he was the greatest tenor ever recorded, and maybe the greatest of all time. With a greater voice than Pavarotti and, unlike him, capable to be a convincing being the lead on stage. I recent years, I remember him being interviewed by the BBC and I always thought he came off as a kind, elderly gentleman, with many fascinating anecdotes in the world of music he knew so well. Now he may be a sex fiend. I am speechless. You too, Placido?


  1. i don't think this will surprise many women.

  2. He is my favourite tenor too, so I'm very saddened to hear this news. Saddened, but (in agreement with Joyce's comment) not really surprised, alas. Generally speaking, men with any kind of power will often wield it to get sex which is otherwise unattainable to them, especially as they age. And they know exactly what they're doing. Once they're caught or called to account (still a relatively rare occurrence), they all sing the same song -- "oh, I thought our attraction was mutual and consensual" nonsense.